Us Singing “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift (cover)

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to “Us Singing “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift (cover)”

  1. NuhniK Says:

    though i DO hate taylor
    But I LOVED U guys <3 you're REALLY talented 😉
    i Like ur music (but sry i still hate taylor :P)

  2. emilysunshine27 Says:

    They probably already are!!! 🙂

  3. MyMackey123 Says:


  4. kelseywhite19 Says:

    Can you guys please do an updated answer video!! Thanks!

  5. startariot2night Says:

    they look amazing as they always do! and their singing is amazing <3
    but how come they both look so tired?

  6. kelseywhite19 Says:

    173 people have officially lost their minds! Love you guys!!

  7. titemelode Says:

    @MasterPoke123 Oh ! i better understand lol

  8. villanueva345 Says:

    Ellen come here!

  9. DomiAndOlive Says:

    @Music0Girl0 who is liz’s boyfriend?

  10. lovesdisneystars Says:

    i typed repeat before the .com at the top and listened to it like 20 times

  11. Kmarie9210 Says:

    i’ve loved you guys since you put your first video up on youtube.
    you guys will be as famous as taylor swift soon enough 🙂

  12. MonsterDinoxcx Says:

    I love it <3

  13. ThePaigerocks Says:

    @Emmafly AHAHHA , so true 😉

  14. 04breezymac Says:

    i never comment on videos but this was ahmazzzzing! and ive been waiting so long for you guys to do this song and it was completely worth the wait! your both insanely talented<33333333333333333

  15. Emmafiy Says:

    This isn’t auto toned people. If you want to real definition of auto toned go watch Rebecca Black’s Friday video.

  16. Xxs22101xX Says:

    @MissSorchaO LOL yeah cause of the strapless dress 😛

  17. LaliJonas Says:

    @TheViolinroses I just love the way she sings . haha

  18. Gabrielle258046 Says:

    but i miss the old videos when you were in front of the webcam:(

  19. DumbGirl211 Says:

    Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! You guys did a great job with this! You look really pretty too!

  20. 13TaylorSwiftSpeak Says:

    @AlwaysLoveAlways Yes, it’s fake hahaha BUT she is beautiful 😀

  21. kimxisxrad Says:

    Best cover yettttt (:

  22. sonny1034 Says:

    i like the way you did it but i’d rather you guys have no auto tune. But i still love this way too.

  23. sonny1034 Says:

    LOOOOOL at 1:49 meghan looks naked. Great cover tho!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  24. GiselleMusicOfficial Says:

    @xLauraaX3 It’s not autotune. IT’s just recorded in a studio, it’s their voices….I don’t know why you guys are so obsessed saying they’re using autotune! Autotune sounds like if you were a robot….well nearly!
    SO stop saying it please 🙂 It’s their real voices sounding better because it’s recorded with better microphones etc..

  25. xLauraaX3 Says:

    why the autotune? 🙁

  26. With the Band Says:

    Time for teletubbies, time for teletubbies

  27. Gunn Music Says:

    Love andy Gunn – great to see it!

  28. Dylan Music Says:

    Where would I be without Bob Dylan

  29. Madonna Says:

    Shame Madonna split from Guy Ritchie

  30. Tisdale Says:

    Ashley Tisdale FTW

  31. Gaga Says:

    <3 Lady Gaga

  32. Numbe 1 music Says:

    I wish I had the Christmas number 1

  33. My Kingdom of Music Says:

    My music rocks

  34. black and white dance floor for hire Says:

    cheers 😀