The Story of Us – Taylor Swift (Cover by Tiffany Alvord)

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Story of Us – Taylor Swift (Cover by Tiffany Alvord)”

  1. Kaitlin McLaughlin Says:

    How do u do your hair like that?

  2. Maisie Mouse Says:

    You’re so good 🙂 but the la da da da bits kinda annoyed me…

  3. DeAdmirerTripleS Says:

    Hi Tiffany, u earned another little subscriber 😉
    I’ve listened to many your covers today
    Young and Beautiful is the best by far, I like this , I love Taylor.

  4. Suchi Shah Says:

    This video never gets old!! :))

  5. yip kongka Says:


  6. Livi Aldrich Says:

    So Good Singer

  7. 16JasmineS Says:

    Is it just me, or does her voice sound like it has more power in her older

  8. Evie Marie Goodman Says:

    when else would u be watching this?

  9. Isaac Cheng Says:

    Her CDs are great. Buy them at her website. I have a link from my channel.
    Just click on one of her videos there and “Show more.” Read my description
    below the lyrics there.

  10. Isaac Cheng Says:

    She never autotunes. I’ve listened to her live and up close. She’s real and
    all natural.

  11. JessM Bodine Says:

    You go girl! you are great I’ve watched two other videos I’m 28 and I would
    buy your CD 🙂 you should try Jessica Simpson!

  12. 5Crayons Says:

    Hey guys 🙂 please check out my cover of this song. Thank you 🙂

  13. Leah Hellwig Says:

    Your an awesome singer

  14. Leah Hellwig Says:

    U need more beat sorry Tiffany

  15. BrownieHugsxD Woozworld Says:

    TOP COMMENT ception!!!!!!!!!

  16. Erin B Says:

    This is awesome! One question- did you use autotune or is that natural?

  17. Aubrey Carcedo Says:

    Her EYES *_*

  18. Aubrey Carcedo Says:

    ya right!

  19. swiftfan4evandalways Says:

    She’s not trying to be better than anyone, she’s just doing what she loves.

  20. melliottmovies Says:

    She tries wayyyy too hard. Tiffany sorry but Taylor is a way better singer
    than you.

  21. TrishNhieu Says:


  22. klick silver Says:

    Better than the original 🙂

  23. Zeynep Burçin AKÇIL Says:

    Are you swiftie ?

  24. Krzysztof Zakrzewski Says:

    POLAND <3 U Tiffany :-* , a boy from this country :))) < 333

  25. Krzysztof Zakrzewski Says:

    POLAND <3 U Tiffany :-* , a boy from this country :))) < 333