Taylor Swift’s First Interview with Ellen!

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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33 Responses to “Taylor Swift’s First Interview with Ellen!”

  1. 662cutiepie Says:

    I live in Nashville

  2. rooshi7 Says:

    ellen rocks…
    taylor… am sure errabody’s proud of yu.. =D

  3. BahranitaVEVO Says:

    omg ellen kinda looks like Scott Disick there.. haha

  4. AshleyFalt Says:

    @AngelTrigo01 Yeah, she’s married to a woman.

  5. MissWolfieXD Says:

    Until her fingers were bleeding? That’s dedication!

  6. HannahMarieSings Says:

    WHAT is Ellen wearing?

  7. JenniferDiski124 Says:

    @ParramattaTigers Oka???

  8. AngelTrigo01 Says:

    is ellen gay please reply

  9. BigwigglyDevilWears8 Says:

    @mizzmonie100 k lol

  10. babanddave Says:

    check out my videos ‘babanddave’ xx from sydney australia KID VEGAZ.

  11. ParramattaTigers Says:

    @JenniferDiski124 this interview was a few yrs ago remember. Taylor is 21yrs old right now 🙂

  12. Mrimagangster Says:

    hmmmm legal for fuck ehhh

  13. JenniferDiski124 Says:

    She’s 18!!!!She dont look like 18 I thought she waz in her 20’s but who cares bout her age she always look pretty

  14. ellezorandpj Says:


  15. Jnotes2singD Says:

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  16. annalea8910 Says:

    taylor looks so different but so pretty……

  17. vishiquals Says:

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  18. claudslindsay Says:

    omw ellen looks so different ;o

  19. liveyJR08 Says:

    taylor is awesome

  20. KingsSneakyKills Says:

    I hare when the top comments are the same

  21. megabulle Says:

    I love what she’s wearing it looks so good on her!

  22. Sexyporter19 Says:


  23. Sexyporter19 Says:


  24. singingyasmin222 Says:

    i love taylor soooooo much

  25. Harmiito Says:

    @dazzledoodle100 yup,just watched it:D nice

  26. Brangelina Says:

    Brad Pitt is awesome

  27. Middle East Comedy Club Says:

    ha ha ha

  28. Miley Cyrus Fan Says:

    Lols 🙂

  29. Plan B Fans Says:

    Plan B could totally do this

  30. Majestic Concerts Says:

    Well done for getting this far – thanks 🙂

  31. Blues Music Says:

    If only I could play as well as these guys!

  32. Music at a Tangent Says:

    Read my Music blog 🙂

  33. Fellfoot Festival Says:

    Wanna get tickets to the Fell Foot Music festival