Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me (Official Music Video)

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me (Official Music Video)”

  1. jcmmanuel Says:

    This is where the most ‘simplistic’ romantic songs become endearing to the
    point you just have to love it. Unless you’re a professional grumbletonian
    of course.

  2. kåthÿ bæ Says:


  3. scarlet conquest Says:

    This is like so true life 

  4. Imalka Siriwardena Says:

    nice song

  5. Asuna はたけ Says:


  6. Katie McAuley Says:

    ugh he only really noticed her when she wasnt looking like a dork

  7. Karthik B Says:

    tat’s a good story!

  8. Anna R Says:

    taylor is more prettier that brunnete is a little brat brunnetes suck and
    blondies rule my mom is a brunnete and she is the only brunnete i care for!

  9. Nomudara Munkhjargal Says:

    the cheerleader girl kinda looks like Taylor swift kinda

  10. luciana gonzalez Says:

    me encanta

  11. Jula manee Says:

    นอนฟังเพลง เพลินได้นิสนุง}}}}

  12. rebeca vitória Says:

    ti lindo!

  13. berfin swiftie Says:

    bence harika ötesi

  14. Philo Sophia Says:

    Took me like… 5 times watching this to realize both girls were Taylor,

  15. silvana do rocio azambuja dos santos Says:

    Bela canção amei bjs Manju 

  16. janelle tadeo. Says:

    i seen this video so many times and i only now realized that both girls
    were Taylor xD

  17. Nicole Yip Says:

    this is so cute <3

  18. cahaya damiawidad Says:

    you belong with me is my favourite song.

  19. Katelynn DeHaan Says:

    I wish this could happen to me in real life. 🙁 

  20. Miyaca Mae A. Ramos Says:


  21. Acient72 Says:

    hey HEY you belong with me… HEy me

  22. tina pham Says:

    love it

  23. hafsa aslam Says:

    it 2014 but still love this song , video and taylor swift

  24. Annie Deyo Says:

    First time hear it in English class…

  25. Lohany Ferreira Says:

    Taylor arasouuu