Taylor Swift WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER – Rolanda & Richard (Parody)

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER – Rolanda & Richard (Parody)”

  1. sanarateca01 Says:

    It is so funny

  2. allycat101346 Says:


  3. Cassidy Carney Says:

    yo richard hipnotise rolanda to love you lol

  4. Charlene Maloney Says:

    but shes sooo pretty hahaha hairy armpits

  5. isabear2000 Says:

    I what you’re body alex i love you alex 3

  6. kaicee williams Says:

    Omg best one yet!!

  7. kaicee williams Says:

    Poor richard lol

  8. Katina Caliste Says:

    pause at 1:53

  9. David Carnes Says:

    Lol look at her face when he says no about dinner

  10. Madison Gordon Says:

    I WANT UR BODY !!! lol

  11. Najaray Williamson Says:

    This video is so funny and it is tje funnist one

  12. bubblegumsimmer Says:

    Poor Richard

  13. Amanda Lewis Says:

    I agree LOL

  14. ninjahadesify Says:


  15. Yannick Anyangwe Says:


  16. Dezmond Lim Says:

    tats just roi

  17. SingingSwagSyndrome Says:

    Check Out My Cover For The Song We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

  18. Erick Lara Says:

    rolanda is ugly ewww

  19. Makayla Kayla Says:

    Me and my friend think rolanda , Richard Alex, and roi are awesome

  20. chanthou prom Says:

    Roland is very so so very ugly

  21. IloveAdventureTime FionnAndCake Says:


  22. Kylee Douglas Says:

    Hold up let me clear something up! Alex is a friggen sexy beast! Roi you just Jealous

  23. dauntless1177 Says:

    I hate it when it buffers and it is at a good part wait its all good luv u guys

  24. robertrangel217 Says:

    Stop being haters all u people if u r just going to be haters then don’t even watch these videos

  25. robertrangel217 Says:

    These videos r like SO funny I LOVE U GUYES SO MUCH and I’m on my brothers so I think Alex is a cutie