Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Madilyn Bailey Official Music Video Cover

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Madilyn Bailey Official Music Video Cover”

  1. breckandy Says:

    Has she not been snagged up by the Professional managers? She makes the
    original singers look tame.
    I’m missing something, she only has one leg or she is a guy or something

  2. ∞The Life of The Teens❤ Says:
  3. buriossyu672 Says:


  4. 月靜 Says:

    氣音太多 在加油!

  5. 1453 Community Says:

    taylor vs maddy but maddy better than :D


    WHEN AN ALBUM GOD!!!! Love your covers *-*

  7. Allyson Gaines Says:

    S she sing yes so good

  8. Abby Luis Says:

    Cool song

  9. rafika yohanes Says:
  10. Junthima Nnamwongsa Says:

    Best smile !!!!

  11. Mañii❤ Says:

    lovely sing what your fandom? hehe

  12. Dragon Girl1234 Says:


  13. Chanjin Joo Says:

    Best cover ever :)

  14. Kalisha Watson Says:

    Gosh,she is much better then Taylor swift(no offence Taylor fans)(but It is

  15. Ryan Dwi Nugroho Says:

    So Cool

  16. laiba anwar Says:

    Madilyn has an amazing voice but you cant really compare her to Taylor
    Swift. And just for the people saying that Taylor swift can’t hit the high
    notes and can’t sing at all live, maybe you should watch more videos of
    her. And I gotta brake to you guys that Madilyn isn’t really singing live
    either, this song Is obviously auto tuned. Even though I do respect other’s
    opinions, but this comment section is to appreciate Madilyn, not compare
    her to others.

  17. MrNiX LTU Says:


  18. Denis enzo Says:

    Canta muito linda !!! voz perfcta…

  19. Cherie Domingo Says:

    amazing cover maddy 🙂 thumbs up!

  20. 連牙 Says:


  21. Thomas Barton Says:

    go on the x factor or the voice

  22. adnane chakir Says:

    What a wonderful voise you make the real owner of the song looks to
    smaaaaal you’re realy talented I like your voise your presnce I realy love

  23. Morgane Garces Says:

    J’adore je suis trop fan ! O.O ! C’est trop bien elle là reprend vraiment
    bien ! <3

  24. Kate Almendarez Says:

    I wish I could show my voice but my family wont support me :(

  25. nadia musa Says:

    best ever