Taylor Swift “Today was a Fairytale” Music Video HD

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift “Today was a Fairytale” Music Video HD”

  1. fiqqorob91 Says:

    @xxTayxxTay she has a better love life than me and i’m 21. fml

  2. littlepedobear1 Says:

    haha the look on his face when she falls off the bike

  3. Productions4Dreams Says:

    this is sooo sweet!!! i wish life was like this

  4. MissJazmineTee Says:


  5. theamandazinck Says:

    u guys did really good and it is a cute video love it guys

  6. codysimspsonrox Says:

    @BriahnaG That girl you are talking about is The girl from the movie Ramona and Beazus

  7. babyboosad33 Says:

    This is the cuteist thing ive ever watched it made me cry <3

  8. huangxiaohuang Says:

    this was my child time. i miss friend of mine

  9. padmarupah16 Says:

    Please make it available to mobile phones!!!

  10. ChrisRoss0 Says:

    This is so beautiful! You had me thinking it was the genuine music video for days until I checked the info box, it’s so professional and amazing 😀

  11. sweetsuga666 Says:

    @xxTayxxTay i was thinking the same thing but i’m 18 lol

  12. yay418 Says:

    awww this is adorable! but i think it wouldve been better if she hadnt lipsynced.. just my opinion though

  13. mangagirl640036 Says:

    It would be great if they grew up and actually got married 🙂

  14. unusualcosplay232 Says:

    the little girl is beautiful bless her

  15. OriginalPOSgirls Says:

    First of all, shes a child, deal
    2nd. And>
    3rd. Its FREAKIN FUN!!!!
    4.make-belief IS a fairytale. Plus, its really cute.
    This is adorable
    Stay Beautiful :)

  16. BretTheTech Says:

    First of all, that girl, needs to get some front teeth.
    2nd. That was filmed in different countries.
    3rd. WTF is with throwing leaves at your boyfriend.
    4th. fairytale? i didnt see anything make-belief..exept that HORRIBLE lip-syncing.
    this is outragous.

  17. leapinglizards132 Says:

    that little boy is soooo CUTE!! and the girl is adorable. good job. and by the xxTayxxTay same here. except i’m 14…

  18. MainstayPro Says:

    @BriahnaG Different girl.

  19. BriahnaG Says:

    That little girl is in “Mean” by Taylor Swift also.

  20. rosamagalhaes1994 Says:

    so cute 😉

  21. suecasa101 Says:

    this would be cuter if they where 17 not 7

  22. WUHbuzzSHELBY Says:

    This is so cute.. Way to cute. <3

  23. kaykayrosie Says:

    i love that dress on her she looks so beatiful

  24. kaykayrosie Says:

    i know that boy

  25. medicinaupf Says:

    omg *-*