Taylor Swift – The Story Of Us – Josie (11 years old) feat. Tyler Ward – official acoustic cover

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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33 Responses to “Taylor Swift – The Story Of Us – Josie (11 years old) feat. Tyler Ward – official acoustic cover”

  1. deknakub Says:

    ya ! this girl is so excellent voice : )

  2. kelskels227 Says:

    This Is Amazing!!!!!!

  3. performingartslove1 Says:

    I love ur voice it sounds old but in a good way like vintage

  4. unique7nana Says:

    And yet Rebecca Black has more views. Unfair!

  5. 1JessicaD Says:

    She has an awsome voice!!

  6. hippofart12345678901 Says:

    Where do u guys live????

  7. hippofart12345678901 Says:

    How old are u guys???

  8. JbandCbLoverzz Says:

    Youu Aree Suchh A Good Singer . && For The People Who Doesnt Likee Her Shouldnt Hatee Bc At Least Shes Got The Guts To Singg . Js 🙂
    ILovee Your Singingg Josie

  9. evanruutana Says:

    613 people are retarded ones…

  10. hollylemear Says:

    @TheMartinNovotny i love her voice. she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!A

  11. ericathaname97 Says:

    This is amazing! (:

  12. londonadienninja5638 Says:

    Will you do a tutorial on how to play this song?? Please…XD this is excellent!!

  13. Marysslove Says:

    woooow this is amazing ;o

  14. Avri1RocksHK Says:

    they disliked the video for not watching the song in full length

  15. halinhnguyen89 Says:

    why?? why do they click the dislike button???

  16. deebop22 Says:

    This was really good. 🙂 and people if u have nothing nice to say don’t say anything.

  17. RiKuHK2 Says:

    how can so many people have such lack of respect for music… and no.. she’s not lip syncing… this is her. It is visibly impossible to get your throat to do what it needs to do for that voice to come out without her actually doing it… and any of you had an ounce of talent or brain cells… you would know that..

  18. belaboo03 Says:

    i love how you sing your a star

  19. MrTheSteez Says:

    @Sisidancer21 of course she’s lip syncing. its a music video, no doubt they use an isolated room to record the actual song

  20. zhk011 Says:

    thumb up if her chin irks you

  21. thiafzableify Says:

    i think edit

  22. popott009 Says:

    wow…its really amazing..

  23. TheDragOneFly Says:

    @Sisidancer21 Yeah.. They record the song and then lip sync for the video. You’re such a dumbass for not knowing that…

  24. Jwax88 Says:

    great voice!

  25. TheFusion998 Says:

    @TheKarenrich i have, dumbass!!!

  26. Britney Spears Says:

    Love Britney!

  27. Roxx Says:

    Thanks for this – I think!?

  28. Gutterpups Band Says:

    Thanks for this

  29. Popular Music Says:

    She has a great pair of… lungs 🙂

  30. Bulgarian Pop Idol Says:

    This song was on Music dol last night 🙂

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