Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars – Safe and Sound Live From Nashville Tennessee 1/12/2012

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars – Safe and Sound Live From Nashville Tennessee 1/12/2012”

  1. JodieRoxSox99 Says:

    His name is John Paul White, he’s half of the duet The Civil Wars. You should look up their music, they’re outstanding!

  2. Oxodus12 Says:

    What’s the guy’s name? the one who plays the guitar.

  3. ZuPeRfaZhiOn Says:

    hahahaha so funny xD

  4. Quazaruce Says:

    I love this song ❤ taylor is so cute ❤

  5. ScarlettChinchilla23 Says:

    I didnt know Johnyy Depp  could play guitar

  6. mylouhd Says:

    Even when dressed up in 60’s kind of clothing, Taylor Swift is so pretty!

  7. justinbieberchic3347 Says:

    Whoever dislikes this, is WEIRD!(:

  8. zomgNKS Says:

    wow, this is better than the CD

  9. TheLuiangeles Says:

    Amazing ♥ kudos to Taylor Swift 🙂

  10. emkayMK222 Says:

    she looks like Belle with blonde hair in that yellow dress :D

  11. LopsidedCircle Says:

    you can SEE how hard she’s trying to hit all the notes and i think she’s improved so much, thank god. i would be so nervous to be singing a song that goes so high/soft if i were her.

  12. Lhouie27Return Says:

    holy crap..that’s johnny depp..

  13. RichardThev1 Says:

    this is so amazing

  14. veesiuu Says:

    omg she sounds just like the CD. Love her!

  15. cwade2004 Says:

    Thank god she didn’t go pop. Shes become a true southern bell with a gorgeous voice. A shame I couldn’t see it before now.

  16. fuckshitmuffy Says:

    Goddamn. Impressive & Beautiful.

  17. KittyzBack8 Says:

    LOOL… x3

  18. 3219AVV Says:

    simply amazing x

  19. SachaNTasha Says:

    I recently covered this song come by and visit when you have a moment sachamusic :)

  20. bwtrader Says:


  21. raven welch Says:

    ur such a negative ass

  22. blueskinfragilebones Says:

    they had sex. all of them. i’m sure.

  23. stephaniehe97 Says:

    im not a crazy fan of taylor but you gotta admit she’s really good at singing and she’s so prettay! and civil war is awesome!

  24. grace eslick Says:

    she has a really good voice she sounds better live 🙂