Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly [HD] – CMA Music Festival 2011

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly [HD] – CMA Music Festival 2011”

  1. vicproductions97 Says:

    superhero lungs

  2. 13SophiaSwift Says:

    @DanySoto3000 i say 90%

  3. 13SophiaSwift Says:

    Shes sooooo pretty!

  4. PokemonB3 Says:

    Anybody get a boner during it?

  5. MorningRose557 Says:

    I hope God hasn’t run out of the magical stuff that he made Taylor out of…

  6. theagencyfan Says:

    hmm? it was veryX100000000 cold when she came to Korea haha that’s not korea 🙁

  7. DanySoto3000 Says:

    Taylor Swift ain’t human. She is like 80% angel or something.

  8. Zycloona Says:

    Sounds better without autotune… 🙁

  9. TheKayrocks Says:


  10. MinwooKARA Says:

    She is soooo amazing!!!!

  11. mindreader04 Says:

    loved @0:08

  12. ilikecats40111 Says:

    I love her SOOOO much ❤

  13. sHAlia98 Says:

    Love her

  14. Sparksfly120 Says:

    I legit watch this everyday. Is that bad? Haha

  15. Iridescental Says:

    This is such an amazing performance… How can anyone not adore her? My ABSOLUTE favourite part is 4:15 and until the end. I love everything… But that part always makes me have goosebumps. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR ♥

  16. angryHB Says:

    Taylor swift !!!!

  17. blaablaaperson Says:

    Taylor swift!!!! :))

  18. peter99927 Says:

    Taylor Swift ><

  19. TweensyTwelve13 Says:

    aww.. why didn’t she come to indonesia?

  20. twitter0418 Says:

    @ddhom7 why

  21. TriVo011993 Says:

    @alexandrakenny1 i think it’s just the audio coming out of the speakers at the festival.

  22. ddhom7 Says:

    The Taiwanese fan should be one of her bodyguards.

  23. Muslim2077 Says:

    I love Taylor Swift but people call me gay since I’m a guy 🙁 And I’m not

  24. vynetot18 Says:


  25. Adrix369 Says:

    Love it :’) -cry of happiness- 13 ^