Taylor Swift must be given more credits, believes Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw, the US country singer believes that Taylor Swift does not get enough credit. The legendary music artist has heaped praise on ‘Shake It Off’ star for her “incredible” writing abilities and he believes that she is really one of a kind.

Recently, while speaking to a leading magazine, he told that Taylor Swift is one of the biggest musicians in the world. She is really a talented artist. The thing he love about Swift as much as anything is she is an incredible songwriter and at times people does not give her great credit for her all her talent as a songwriter. She believes that she is one of those rare artists that come along once in a decade or so, that has as much talent.

In the meantime, this month, the twenty five year old star was handed an honor at Academy of Country Music Awards. Andrea Finlay, Taylor’s mother Andrea Finlay, who was diagnosed with cancer recently, was on hand to offer the award to her daughter.

Introducing the ‘Blank Space’ star, she told that she has watched this milestone artist from the time she was a snarled hair little girl growing up on their farm, full of creativity and imagination. And since that time, her favorite thing in the world to do has been to tell a story, write a song, and play a piano or a guitar. And she has seen those things carry her through every emotion, every experience in her life. Good or bad.

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