Taylor Swift – Mean – ACM Awards 2011

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to “Taylor Swift – Mean – ACM Awards 2011”

  1. gloriagolden Says:

    This was great!!

  2. racindirt21 Says:

    shes super gorgeous

  3. skate2274 Says:


  4. theurbinator Says:

    fantastic song and singing!!

  5. 815alex Says:

    this is sort of like the video


    Love this! Love her!

  7. ricky123400 Says:

    “Love story” was the song that made her famous. Her signature is “you belong with me”. But this song is gonna tabe her so high in her career. She is amazing. Keep it up Taylor Swift.

  8. spottedoctopus274 Says:

    ILY TAYLOR. you dont know how much this song helped meee through high school

  9. DanceScene1 Says:

    KEITH URBAN!!!is soooo hot! WE LOVE U TAYLOR

  10. tjandjintheATL Says:

    she’s amazing!:) please check out my channel! My brother and I actually covered this song recently too. Thanks:) <3

  11. loveisyors Says:

    awsome taylor you rule

  12. Kzeltwanger1 Says:

    I love this song

  13. jeffcmaia Says:

    That’s what I call a great live performance!!!!!!!

  14. Fuzzycop Says:

    @chzstickluver That’s because all @joesulub wants to be is mean. d=)

  15. lululove333 Says:

    she is just amazing..

  16. kcmae7 Says:

    its amazing.. i don’t normally like that much country music, and I’m not a fan of Taylor swift or anything, but the musician in me sees her talent, and I’m glad that she’s doing as good as she is.. good job, and just keep doing what you’re doing Taylor

  17. jaimepzl10 Says:

    i love her face when she says “all you are is mean and a liar and pathetic and alone in life” she’s AWESOMEE

  18. raskalthepup Says:

    I was there!!!!! Where they started clapping to keep the beat , I started that!!!!!!!!! ;^) I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!

  19. lovepink143able Says:

    you look beautiful..=))

  20. CalliopeTV Says:

    Got to give Taylor credit… Normally I don’t find her very good live. I mean, I love all her songs, but have never found her good live. Yet this is very very good… Though the music seems to over power her voice a bit… But very very good… Props to her! 🙂

  21. NeramYrarccm Says:

    Taylor you can sing whoever said you couldnt is a class a fartbutt

  22. LaraHayes1986 Says:

    I love the message of this song and the bluegrass-y sound. Who knew Taylor could play banjo too? Color me impressed!

  23. christinaxoxo22 Says:

    @deema32003 mine too 🙂

  24. deema32003 Says:

    You are my faviroit singer

  25. karazylegs Says:

    This song should be played everyday at every grade school, middle school and high school in the country.

  26. Metallica Music Says:

    Could listen to Metallica all day…

  27. Tina S Club 7 Says:

    Tina was the best

  28. Britney News Says:

    Loves Britney Spears

  29. Craig Elliott Says:

    I love Craig Elliott

  30. Sustenance Music Festival Says:

    Time for a Festival experience?

  31. Kanye Says:

    I think I’m in love with kanye West