Taylor Swift Interview on Alan Carr:Chatty Man

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10 Responses to “Taylor Swift Interview on Alan Carr:Chatty Man”

  1. Alex UmaD Says:

    taylor is quite mean in real life

  2. Amanda Magnusson Says:

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  3. tenkyi08 Says:

    she was sick!

  4. Job Mark Says:

    i love taylor

  5. ready to roll Says:

    FYI, this was filmed before she got the endorsement deal. No shameless promotion.

  6. TheGanjaGroove Says:

    did she really just ask for a diet coke… shameless promotion much?

  7. Lexi C Says:

    Ya Taylor Swift isn’t the type to get high….

  8. SunGazer osan Says:

    She seems kinda lost ! 😛 And maybe high or not clever like at all ! ( no offence ) !

  9. taylorswiftfearlesse Says:

    Chatty man and candy what a day…

  10. Dasha Palagut Says:

    ok tht Allan guy…