Taylor Swift – I’d Lie (Lyrics On Screen)

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift – I’d Lie (Lyrics On Screen)”

  1. sassyshushu1 Says:

    OMG…this song is freaking Amazing !!…it’s the first time i listen to it And honestly..it took my breath Away <3 =)

  2. Deafchick100 Says:

    @YourMunchkin yes, i belive one is red and the other is purple, not nessesarily that order

  3. YourMunchkin Says:

    @Deafchick100 what color dress is she wearing though. is it red?

  4. Staylorwift122 Says:

    where do you make this?

  5. HollaGurl309 Says:


  6. kittal123 Says:

    So sweet!!!

  7. hannah2oo1 Says:

    Kiss your hand 10x say your crush’s name 15x post this on two videos check your hand

  8. squirtleVEVO Says:

    @101puppyluv i’m not creeping, but you’re commenting about this brendan kid on EVERY SINGLE TAYLOR SWIFT VIDEO I WATCH(: maybe he’s not worth it.

  9. blueberrymuffin99 Says:

    @Deafchick100 Yeah (: it’s not on any cd, she has never officially released it.

  10. Deafchick100 Says:

    @YourMunchkin really, i have that cd, and it doestn have this song ???

  11. YourMunchkin Says:

    @StephanieSwift13 It’s on the Speak Now version with the extra songs

  12. Xx791xX Says:

    hey i love ur lyric videos, but erm how do u do the background? do u do it youself or something? @blueberrymuffin99

  13. 451lacy Says:

    See famous or not Taylor is like any other girl she goes through break ups bfs cheat on her when she thinks she found “the 1” she goes through complicated relationships and some girls have diaries her music is like her own diary

  14. 101puppyluv Says:

    i would lie that i like my crush brendan

    he can play guitar
    he can see through everything and my heart
    he wont talk to me now that i told him i like him

    why is love so difficult

  15. MrLo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0L Says:

    omg,funny almost every one of her songs are just about our life…

  16. everythingrandomgirl Says:

    my new fav song 🙂

  17. maddylovesu14 Says:

    1 person dident lie 😀

  18. trickster1067 Says:

    Its Ok

  19. EmsiieMurs Says:

    Im sorry but this is so true. I am still in love with my Ex and I know everything about him. But everyone asks me do I still love him? And I would say no! 🙂 She gets it spot on this lady 😀 We Love You Taylor 😀

  20. swirlygirl700 Says:

    @blueberrymuffin99 Omg:O thats so cool! I love England, not sure why…haha i just do! 😀

  21. Emzey912 Says:

    @trickster1067 Sorry 😛 🙂

  22. robinrules08 Says:

    i could tell you
    his favorite colours turquoise
    he likes to tease me
    born on the twenty forth
    he is adopted
    he has unique eyes
    and if you ask me
    if i love him
    i’d lie <3

  23. girlymyspace911 Says:

    if u ask me if i love him, i’d honestly lie <3

  24. trickster1067 Says:

    Darnit -.-
    I Need A Replay Button Fixer!

  25. KatrinaMarie1029 Says:

    & i could tell youu..this song is beautifil, taylor’s amaazinnng, born on thee 13th. (: