Taylor Swift Full Performance iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012 – Live in Las Vegas [HD]

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift Full Performance iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012 – Live in Las Vegas [HD]”

  1. SelenaG TayS Says:

    loved that wink at the end. She’s the best live performer. LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!

  2. amylee9690 Says:

    lmfaoooo!!! Watching those old guys check her out!! lol!!!

  3. DemiGinny Says:

    12:44 she’s an angel <3

  4. stephen john Says:

    super like> I <3 you taylor

  5. sagerscene Says:

    No one noticed? Taylor her dress got ruined at 2:43 a fan ruined it haha, but she don’t gives a fuck. AMAZING.

  6. jinize Says:

    what kind of fan are you.-.?

  7. jinize Says:

    -.- are you stupid or what?-.-

  8. Gingersnapx17 Says:

    just wondering why that body guard helped her on stage she is capable herself :$ lol i love how she holds everyones hands for a wee while

  9. shiikitita Says:

    my 2 favourite girls right now 🙂 nina and tay!

  10. JerhooMusic Says:

    Taylor is the one of few people who really can sing live!

  11. Heather Cantrell Says:

    2:53 someone’s pissed they didnt get to have T-swissle to touch there hand ^_^

  12. Barzin Imani Says:

    haha I know 

  13. tswizzlefan4life1 Says:

    @Lorrie Stone ur so fucking stupid its unreal…

  14. Lorrie Stone Says:

    She said this album was all about experimenting, maybe she meant more than music? Either way, great performance.

  15. Lorrie Stone Says:

    So after viewing this performance and seeing her Rollingstone cover I’m convinced she’s on drugs. I am a HUGE fan and I’m not tryin’ to put her down or anything, I’m just saying it’s hard to believe she’s not. With all the immense pressure she’s under I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on some kind of uppers or something…Her behavior has been definitely out of the ordinary lately. I still love her and cannot wait for Red but c’mon people, pay attention…

  16. AndiitzyR Says:

    If someday I go to a Tay Concert I will die, really.

  17. 13taytayandrea1 Says:

    THAT. THAT…. THAT WINK AT THE END. *le dies*

  18. merileching Says:

    i looove taylor swift :)

  19. Silvia Laguna Enciso Says:

    can’t wait for the red tour!! :·3

  20. Lucy Brown Says:

    Maybe Liz and Elizabeth had personal things to do and couldn’t do all the performances with Taylor. Ever thought of that, before you go making assumptions?

  21. Doug W Says:

    sry , but its too noticeable… uppers  all day…

  22. Doug W Says:

    ok she’s stoned… 

  23. Firefox1095 Says:

    What? If that’s perfect to you, then I’ve lost hope in this generation.

  24. Hector Daniel Lahm Dzeko Says:

    she sings live so perfect

  25. JustSmile1307 Says:

    what happened to elizabeth and liz 🙁