Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed – Feat. Ed Sheeran (Lyrics On Screen)

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to “Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed – Feat. Ed Sheeran (Lyrics On Screen)”

  1. Aracely Del campo Says:

    mmmhmmm you saiddd it sistttta

  2. Leslie Loi Says:

    Guys Guys calm down, they are both special and good and awesome no need to argue. I love Ed <3 

  3. oceantide230 Says:

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran should make a ginger baby that sings better than either of them

  4. xx0000xxish Says:

    taylor swift and ed sheeran should make a music video for this like if u gree

  5. LauraandChris O'Reilly Says:

    They are perfect singing together. I love Taylor and Ed’s not bad either.

  6. BlueCowzForever Says:

    FINALLY! someone who has common sense! I like to see those people try getting 6 grammys, over 139 awards and 179 nominations, sold msg concert in 59 secs and sold 1mn copies of her 4th album in the first week. Like GOD

  7. Rita Lopes Says:

    I’m not a big Taylor fan but the song is pretty… Except the fact that Ed barely gets any credit. I love Ed <3

  8. Rebecca MacLean Says:

    Why hate on Taylor ): She is like the package.

  9. niceguyyysss3 Says:

    Love Ed’s voice! When he starts to sing <3

  10. Aubrey Mary Says:

    Well, Taylors Parts are all good. I just wanna tell you for you to know, For you to know.

  11. ChelseaKane52 Says:

    I kinda love Taylor but the song would be sooo much better without her.

  12. Thatiana Oliveira Says:

    the Ed part was the only good part in the music(perfect music,but with Taylor it was not good)

  13. 13LjK13 Says:

    I came to Listen to the song, not to read who was better. Both of them did a brilliant job and have made and excellent song together. Now, lets enjoy a beautiful song. <3

  14. ArtificialGrassWhy Says:

    Cool Video

  15. Kailey McSwain Says:

    you can soooo tell ed wrote the majority of the lyrics and the music, it is so him

  16. chadissmexyyeah Says:

    Hah you should be a comedian.

  17. dmgmjhtlnmdjluver Says:

    Nah the Ed part was awesome-er even though it aint a word cuz well, he’s Ed.

  18. floralhoney7 Says:

    Well, the Taylor part was better:].

  19. anke08420 Says:

    check out the cover of savannah outen and jake coco…you won’t be disappointed! 🙂 🙂

  20. chadissmexyyeah Says:

    Hah ily morex.

  21. loveemilyyy3 Says:

    omg ilysm