Taylor Swift – Breathe ft. Colbie Caillat [Video]

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31 Responses to “Taylor Swift – Breathe ft. Colbie Caillat [Video]”

  1. bambi202213 Says:

    I <3 taylor and colbie! xo

  2. JessieandPaigey Says:

    I know this is a breakup song, but it reminds me so much of my best friend. Hey look its 2 am and I just lost a friend. She was the one I could tell everything to, my other half. And its killing me…

    “People are people and sometimes we change our minds, but its killing me to see you go after all that time.”

  3. misamisachika Says:

    @happenstance1234 I just broke up, unexpectedly, with my boyfriend who I had been with for 3 years. I’m hurting so bad, and this is easing the pain.

  4. VeronicaAlisonRupil Says:

    OMG!! is wondeful!! I love Tay and this song so much!!!

  5. jmdash22 Says:


  6. amyappliechs Says:

    colbie caillat and taylor should sing more songs together. they voices are awesome together.

  7. Itsjustlikemagic Says:

    2 Blondie sluts who are both Fakers! What a perfect Combo!!!

  8. xalmonable Says:

    You want to cry? Listen.

  9. jojorox1450 Says:

    Taylor is an awesome singer an awesome song writer and shes just an awesome role model ( shes minee :D) I love you taylor!!!!

  10. Georgieisaporgie Says:

    yeahh i know.

  11. DoK338 Says:

    mental performance 🙂

  12. YEAHimLT Says:

    @Georgieisaporgie They edited her interview. They put it together like that, that’s why it cuts out after she says “song” then it cuts back in.

  13. xThexDarkxAngelx17x Says:

    Omg It’s Almost Been A Year Since Me &NNd Him Broke Up. (Aug. 22) Wow! I Remember Listening To This Song Everyday Bc I Felt Exactly Like This! God I Loved Him So Much And He Just Hurt Me! Wow! Time Heals The Hurt To Where You Can Breathe. But Now Im With Someone Amazing And I Love Him To Death Also.. I Love Them Both But It’s Differently..

  14. WelcomeMrwhatever Says:

    MY DAD SAID HE WILL QUIT SMOKING IF I GET TO 50,000 SUBSCRIBE.. so plz help me,,,but dont worry soon i will be uploading videos ^_^ thanks AND ADD AS A FRIEND

  15. DakotaMarie94 Says:

    Colbie Caillat on Breathe? No wonder i love it soooo much.<3

  16. Cliverdude Says:

    I found this song in my Buddie’s GIANT truck I was driving home one day… just started it up thinking – “Taylor Swift eh?” – “She is a 4×4 country kinda gal” I loved the album and this really sounded great – I love Taylor Swift! Sweet!

  17. jamiebeckcovers Says:

    i tried a cover of this, and i’m looking feedback to see if i’m any good.. if i’m not i’ll take my vid down:L:L:L

  18. Karliang Says:

    Looks like we all have our own personal responses to this beautiful song by Taylor Swift.

  19. KH4RDSK Says:

    Who loves them both?? I know I do!! 🙂 ~<3

  20. AGstarMolly Says:

    Colby only sings a tiny bit.:( but i love them both!!!!

  21. 0mgina Says:

    its actually a good song after losing a friend to.

  22. h2otaylor3 Says:

    @mohammedj531 5’11 without heels. with heels? she’s definitely 6’2

  23. 98sarah98 Says:

    @char2happy its alright<3

  24. HannahHysterics Says:

    i can’t not sing to this song!! haha

  25. buffalobrit Says:

    Anybody know if this song is on her current concert set list, one of my faves. See her for the first time in ten days!

  26. Pitt Says:

    I love Brad Pitt

  27. Comedy in the Middle East Says:

    ha ha ha

  28. Top 10 Concerts Says:

    Well done for getting this far – thanks 🙂

  29. Blues Music Fan Says:

    Heard this is a Jazz Blues club last week – amazing!

  30. Tangent Music Says:

    Leona FTW

  31. Fell Foot Music Says:

    Wanna get tickets to the Fell Foot Music festival