Taylor Swift “Blank Space” at The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2014 || HD

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17 Responses to “Taylor Swift “Blank Space” at The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2014 || HD”

  1. John Miranda Says:

    ariana grande is too short lol

  2. wexlovexrock Says:

    How the hell is that HD anyway ?

  3. thaa champ Says:

    I’m the 100th person to dislike this shitty replayed video

  4. julio ortiz Says:

    this HD video just blew me away!!!

  5. Kadea Jas Says:

    “HD” lol. youre the best troll there is, hats off to you

  6. Nutsa Chubinidze Says:

    Did you record this with a calculator? 

  7. A Paul B Says:

    That is bootleg as hell, your ass should be ashamed for posting this

  8. bailer4life Says:

    Hey guys, I have this shit VGA footage with vaseline smeared over the
    lens… but I uploaded it in HD!

  9. chiquita walczak Says:

    You know you can get sued for a misleading title on YouTube now?

  10. Thana M Says:

    I was waiting for the HD part 

  11. Marisa Katagiri Says:

    what kind of potato did you use to record this?

  12. Winter Blossom Says:

    It is not really clear

  13. MrLanxiu Says:

    HD……..wat a HD

  14. Alex Egana Says:

    HD my ass

  15. ludwig azañero guerra Says:

    HD?? ._.

  16. Daniela Diaz Says:


  17. Iyumi Blue Says:

    HD this is not.