Taylor Swift – Best Of Taylor Live

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift – Best Of Taylor Live”

  1. sabrina williams Says:

    watch it

  2. erika swift Says:
  3. triinu ernits Says:

    38.55 “what?!” hahaha
    i love this video :3 tay tay looks so amazing

  4. erika swift Says:
  5. Jessica Acker Says:

    I love this video:)

  6. TheBrowseman Says:

    She seams like a really down to earth good person. It’s interesting to
    watch her grow up and mature with her singing and performances.

  7. Joseph Meador Says:

    22:53…. Taylor in the hood. 😛
    Sorry, I had to say it.
    Taylor is truly awesome. I love her music, her personality, and her
    Also, I loved the cover of “Nothin’ ‘Bout You”.

  8. Justin Fan Says:

    i watched the whole thing

  9. Sofía Gutiérrez Says:

    nice video :3

  10. Amanda Nicole Says:

    I LOVE HER!!!

  11. הדר הנגבי Says:

    28:30-28:45 Only Taylor can do it XD

  12. 12thando34 Says:

    ive always loved RUN. since the vert first day she covered it

  13. kaya west Says:

    Taylor you have made me so proud. I don’t care if you are country or pop,
    I’m just happy you stayed true to yourself. Ignore all of the haters. True
    swifties will stay with you through anything. I’m so excited to see you
    grow and evolve with your next album. <13

  14. Lea Petrelli Says:

    I love it . Shes so beautiful . And I will always love Taylor Swift

  15. トニートニーチョッパー Says:

    I love this version,and the other one of cource,I love Taylor!

  16. Sierra Borchard Says:

    100% taylor swift fan ive listened to her from a little girl the first i
    heard from here is the first song on this video :)

  17. Sydney Sparks Says:


  18. lovebloeblaa Says:

    What i love about Taylor is that she always be herself.

    She shows the world that you can be famous and grown up without walking
    half naked on stage!


    (sorry for the bad english)

  19. 김예진 Says:

    i love taylor♡

  20. Khang Đặng nguyên Says:

    Like most you belong with me song

  21. bubblesnap Says:

    Taylor has grown up so much! I miss her curly hair
    22:53 My favorite performance of should’ve said no!!!!

  22. Jovet Gernale Says:


  23. david beckham Says:

    I love you taylor swift .

  24. Kel Rodford Says:

    Shes Perfect:’)

  25. Oldřich Pištělák Says:

    Taylor Swift – Best Of Taylor