Taylor Swift – Back to December

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift – Back to December”

  1. alannahsalmond2010 Says:

    This song is me !<3

  2. danksmokaz Says:

    Taylor swift rockes(^^^^)

  3. ilovetobesilent Says:

    i love you Taylor!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. imaxedoced2610 Says:

    the first time i hear Taylor voice only sink into my mind, i love Taylor only i dream to have a compilation of all her songs… i love it……..

  5. Sirchopp Says:

    i sing because of taylor she’s my idol love ST !

  6. Sirchopp Says:

    i love taylor she rocks! but jb bler i hate him she deserves 1000000

  7. Manny01325 Says:

    please like the true official music video just type back to december taylor swift

  8. Angelkiss0x Says:

    the reason why taylor swift has less viewers then everyone else
    is because we keep pressing the replay button and wont leave this page!(: <3

  9. smarypants123 Says:

    reminds me exactly what happened in october.. that night i hate forever )’: stupid me. if i could i’d change it all.

  10. TheStaceMace Says:

    i’d give anything to see the taylors date again <3

  11. unreailjoker Says:

    i love taylor shes my inspiration i sing every song i wrote because of her she inspired me … i love all my fanss _~booboo owen~_

  12. bpbush112594 Says:

    Korey, this is how I feel about you…
    If I could change the past…..
    I could

  13. RangerFaithful Says:

    Taylor Swift, you dont belong in the kitchen. Not even in a music video.

  14. CanaanLite Says:

    @infectedfilms11 I’d just go back to how my life was before she came around.
    She isn’t THAT good.

  15. SuperCookiezMonster Says:

    Who needs a diary when you have Taylor Swift? ♥


    Yes this song is about Taylor Lautner.

  17. Rannessbiebs Says:

    she really loves Taylor Lautner.<3

  18. AdieAsmadi22 Says:

    Don’t cry buddiey…I always pray for you swift 😉

  19. shazj0 Says:

    is this about taylor lautner

  20. folk20310 Says:

    I love anytime…..

  21. Manny01325 Says:

    hey please like also the official music video of back to december please type taylor swift back to december then u can see the 10 million views ! that’s the official music video

  22. Frenchlfry3 Says:


  23. FanosVideos Says:

    Taylor swift is da shit.

  24. lululove333 Says:

    I love you so much Taylor. You are the most amazing person in the world. I saw you at your concert in Norway and I seriously cried during the whole concert. Your live videos and pretty much all your music videos also bring me to tears. I honestly can’t watch “mine” without crying out loud. You are so beautiful – inside and out. I have learned so much from you. You are the biggest inspiration of mine and I love you with all my heart. I could watch your videos for hours, you’re truly amazing!!!!

  25. violetlongwellbvta Says:

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