Taylor Swift – All Access Nashville Interview with Katie Couric [HD]

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22 Responses to “Taylor Swift – All Access Nashville Interview with Katie Couric [HD]”

  1. Izzy Mallion Says:

    Taylor, nobody in this world could ever get tired of you.

  2. alxcandra Says:

    #Taylor_Swift: The only time it’s been an issue was when i was going through a bad break up with a guy and he’s like: “You better not write about these.” and I’m like: “Oh, I won’t” #Katie_Couric: Did you? #Taylor_Swift: YES!

  3. michelecmx Says:

    She’s amazing!

  4. ChristianSonsei Says:

    Sorry Taylor, but a fan like me will have you singing and writing songs for the rest of your life 🙂 you can bet on us Swifities. For sure.

  5. Fearless13781 Says:

    Even Taylor’s house is flawless!

  6. thatgirlathome Says:

    i really really hope taylor finds a really lovely guy that treats her amazing and that will marry her one day and start a family. i want to see her so very happy. i want to see her write awesome happy songs about her very happy relationship with a husband and family of her own. i really want to see that. i love you taylor.<3:*

  7. thatgirlathome Says:

    at the end. :'(( i lvoe you taylor, please dont stress so much on the future, you will always be loved.<3:*

  8. TaylorxoxoForever Says:

    Yeah you had a GREAT summer xD

  9. pRincEzz430 Says:


  10. Sam Thomas Says:

    Umm… Dosent She Know That Nobody Is Gonna Get Tired Of Her! Someone Should Tell Her! I Will Never Get Tired Of Taylor Frikin Swift! Her Music is Awesome! She Is Awesome! And We All Love Herrrrr!

  11. taylorswifty08 Says:

    il never get tired of you taylor dont worry! il listen to ur songs forever and always even if its 2022 or 20^nth time. thats a promise and i keep my promises.

  12. Andy Kim Says:

    Sarah fahy, you’re saying ur a huge Taylor fan? No ur wrong. Every one makes changes in their lives, she was a teen when she brought up speak now, and now she’s a adult, of course she changes. And I think you have no wright to tell her not to change! She is Taylor and if you really are a swifty, then you should accept the way she is now.
    Swifties rule!

  13. awkwardlynormal13 Says:

    The level of my respect for Taylor increases more every time I see her on interviews like this. She’s so articulate, professional and a very intelligent woman. She really seems to be genuinely nice and I guess this is what makes her different from the rest.

  14. ArielSwena Says:

    I love you taylor !!!!!!!!!

  15. MiaKTalericoNo1Fan Says:

    “Flying above the crowd, awesome, coming out of a bell, cool!”

  16. Allison Mayard Says:

    Maybe she should just sit still for the entire concert, that way her voice might be somewhat decent.

  17. SparksTheFly Says:


  18. SwiftieBiebs13 Says:

    I love you Taylor!!

  19. Sarah Fahy Says:

    I am a huge Taylor fan, and I wish I could say that I’d never get tired of her, but instead of “recognizing and embracing” becoming a brand, I think she’s letting it take over her. I actually felt SO upset when she said “to not go so far in the opposite direction that they don’t recognize me”, because honestly, I CAN’T recognize her anymore. She went from singing amazing songs like Sparks Fly, to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Seriously, where’s the emotion and meaning? Where’s Taylor?

  20. SkyeCoyne Says:

    Omg taylor, nobody could EVER EVER EVER be tired of you!! <3333

  21. isaTH14 Says:

    Taylor, we love you so much we will never ever get tired of you or your music. Like EVER.

  22. charlotte210892 Says:

    In ten years i’ll be 30 and you’ll be 32 and i’ll STILL be listening to your music.