Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift (feat. The Civil Wars) (Cover by Tiffany Alvord & Megan Nicole)

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift (feat. The Civil Wars) (Cover by Tiffany Alvord & Megan Nicole)”

  1. KyssaChe Says:

    awesome job..i like the different mixtures of your voices!!keep it up
    and check out my cover*doubt they’ll see this!but i try!

  2. comico06 Says:

    i love this song a lot.. you shouldn’t have :(

  3. ife126 Says:

    @BurntKittenz The thing is ur the one who started the cursing in this argument because I know YouTube trolls have to have their own share of dumb cursing so here
    1) You know its called pitching
    2) I don’t do sympathy likes
    3) The only part I thought was right was the bitch part
    And if you dont like someone what the hell are you doing on their videos? Ur the Joesulub of Megan Nicole so why dont you quit while your ahead? and if you dont like someone dont falsely accuse them of auto-tune!

  4. SpielMode Says:

    @ValerieMiminMusic Tiffany Alvord literally looks nothing like Taylor Swift….

  5. ILikeSchtuff97 Says:

    @xxtatibbyxx08 Not autotuned.

  6. ILikeSchtuff97 Says:

    For all the people who say this is autotuned, IT IS NOT! Tiffany was doing a livestream a few days ago in which she said she does not use autotune, except on one or two high notes where she’s trying to belt out the lyrics and the producer feels that she needs it. If that’s not enough evidence, she even sang part of a song, and being there I can say that she sang just as good if not better than in her cover videos. AND SHE WASN’T EVEN READY TO SING.
    Keep up the great work Tiffany 😀

  7. ratujunette Says:

    You two sound awesome. <3

  8. ValerieMiminMusic Says:

    Seriously! Megan Nicole looks like Vanessa Hudgens and Tiffany Alvord looks like Taylor Swift..
    Btw you two are gorgeous! I love all your videos! 😀

  9. KubaeNguyen Says:

    sorry but just stay away from taylor swift site . you put them all to the ground level 🙁
    i love you guys but seriously taylor is just DIFFERENT …

  10. monigirl177 Says:

    @lilxmxasian soo ture

  11. BurntKittenz Says:

    @cococrazy107 they’re*** and i know a lot more about music than you, i can tell when someone has talent, and megan and liz dont suck one bit, their videos are of them singing naturally, just pure, raw, talent. Keep sucking megan anfd tiffany’s dick , its not like they’re even aware of your existence. Well im done here now i actually have a life and better things to do then argue on youtube so BYE.

  12. cococrazy107 Says:

    @BurntKittenz why is pretty in quotes? their both gorgeous. and u can tell their not autotuned. i doubt you know anything about music anyway.
    btw, megan and liz suck.

  13. ruacondangyeu08 Says:

    Wow. you have you own studio! Amazing!

  14. BurntKittenz Says:

    @CindyJoMusic Comment= stating your opinion

    I have the right to write whatever the fuck I want , who the hell are you to tell me what to do? You can fuck right off.

  15. BurntKittenz Says:

    @ife126 Yes it’s me and yes I know Im one sexy bitch

  16. BurntKittenz Says:

    @qazedc3 🙂

  17. BurntKittenz Says:

    @magicalelephantz ily too <3

  18. pie4everable Says:

    @BurntKittenz its not auto tuned…….i don’t know what ur talking about where do u hear it?? i think they sound amazing and not because they r pretty but because they harmonize beautifully

  19. CatherineChauTV Says:

    @BurntKittenz AutoTune is T Pain where do you hear it.? I can some reverb but that it. Seriously

  20. scemcaal Says:

    Kill the repeat button right away!

  21. belairjeff Says:

    unbelieveable how much this song has been covered before the freakin movie is even out. these girls have good voices – but they’re not The Civil Wars and Taylor Mills. not originals. not unique. do they record their own music are they singers in their own right? never heard of them. out of my demo, i guess.

  22. jamesmullen15 Says:

    @CindyJoMusic Fuck you

  23. CindyJoMusic Says:

    Oh my gosh! i loved that!

  24. CindyJoMusic Says:

    If ur gonna write a mean comment just don’t bother writing one at all.

  25. luccyyyluuuu Says:

    if u want autotune go listen to some tpain (not hating just saying) this is barely autotuned so gtfo