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25 Responses to ““Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift Lyrics – Nobody Understands Her New Song! – Totally Clevver”

  1. hjc133 Says:

    Another shitty song about another one of her failed attempts at a
    relationships. I swear she goes out with all these guys just to make some
    sort of song about them or their break-up. Getting annoying now.

    But I guess I’m just a “hater”. Fair enough to those of you who like her
    music – not intending to shit on your opinions. Just sharing mine.

  2. ElenaStyles Says:

    Harry Styles

  3. Blissful Gifts Says:

    its a metaphor! everyone in this video is retarded except the hosts. Shes
    talking about how hard it is to deal in a relationship and the anxiety that
    comes along in it. ‘out of the woods’= out of the harsh, trouble times. ‘in
    the clear’= no more troubles. Duh!

  4. Lord Nick Says:

    Her music is getting more lyrically simple and repetitive.
    I won’t say I won’t like the song, but honestly, she’s getting worse, not

  5. RwAllstar29 Says:

    Surely the woods could be a metaphor for paparazzi? I know she had a big
    international problem with that due to taylor and harry both being
    famous… just a guess. 

  6. Peyton Jones Says:

    I can understand it perfectly 

  7. xStahri1 Says:

    This is just absurd. If you listen to the ENTIRE song and get some prior
    knowledge why she wrote the song, you will understand why the chorus is
    repetitive. And no her writing is not getting worse. Once again, listen to
    the whole song with the lyrics in front of you and you will see that is one
    of her best song to date. 

  8. rebal180 Says:

    I’ve always thought of Taylor Swift as more pop than country.

  9. Angela L Says:

    Can Taylor swift just stay committed to one guy. Her songs are getting
    shittier. I am such a hater, I knowwwww!!!!! 

  10. Aura Lara Says:

    Well we all know (and in case you don’t know i’m going to say it anyway)
    this song is about a relationship, specifically the one she had with Harry
    Styles. I think they got like a lot of problems with the social media,
    their fans and stuff so i think she’s comparing the woods with problems…
    she’s asking if they’re not anymore in to the problems and if they can have
    a better relationship comparing the clear with a good relationship without
    bad reviews and rumors and scandals and that stuff

  11. cjwonderstruck425 Says:

    This just proves Taylor made her point! haha. She said this song is suppose
    to be confusing, so… if no one understands it. That’s the point? lol

  12. Angeline Valentine Says:

    Lol, i thought it was ‘are we outta the hood, are we in the caribbean’

  13. Lonneke Verharen Says:

    Taylor swifts music is getting worse i liked her country songs but this is
    just awful but you guys are just gonna call me a hater but idc

  14. kpopshawol Says:

    Really? I could understand it just fine. Y’all need hearing aids. 

  15. Rocky Rose Says:

    Are we out of the woods yet
    Are we in the clear?

    Maybe she is trying to say that finally the real person inside of her is
    reaching out. The woods represent the sadness she have before and the
    clearness is happiness or something like that..

  16. Can'tpickausername Says:

    First off

    It’s not hard to understand

    Second off the song makes way more sense if you listen to the entire thing

    Please don’t insult people to make yourselves feel better. Taylor is
    amazing and my idol and it’s means to say that. The song is magical and

  17. Ari is bae Says:

    Wish I could go through every the comments and reply to all the haters, but
    I cannot, so I will say it here:

    Im not a fan of hers, however, it’s not her fault she has relationship
    troubles. And we don’t know for sure who or what the song is about it might
    not even be about a guy. Nobody here has had a real experience with Taylor,
    so we have no reason to judge. Just because im not a fan does not mean I
    will not stand up for her. If people were hating on me and Taylor stood up
    for me I would thank her. Leave her alone dislike the video and leave. If
    you do not like what she is doing you don’t have to force yourself to
    listen nor watch. Same thing goes with Harry I love him and you have not
    had an experience with him either. Weather it is his fault or not the way
    they broke up, if they split it wouldn’t have work out if God made it that
    way. They would have broke up in a different way. Im wasting my precious
    time typing this to stand up for people because of the haters. I could be
    doing something worth my time! So think before you type what you say can
    affect others. Names do hurt sometimes so be careful on the internet. You
    wouldn’t like it if someone said hurtful things about you.

  18. Emilie Stutz Says:

    How could you not understand what she is saying? These people are what is
    confusing me. They are gonna interview people that don’t even speak English
    as a first language and ask them what she is saying. Also why do you have
    to twist someone’s words, I mean how did they even get on the subject of
    STD? If you don’t like the song, just don’t listen to it and let that be
    the end. 

  19. VideoStarGirls Says:

    I though she said are we out of the wood? Yeah! 

  20. Therese Tormey Says:

    I instantly knew all the lyrics! I don’t see how they couldn’t understand
    it! It so easy!

  21. Aly Y Says:

    i love totally clevver! “at first she was just country. now she wants ALL

  22. Emily Carstairs 卌 Says:

    These people are stupid -_-

  23. Jack The Swiftie Says:

    i know all the words and understand so amazing like srsly get a hearing aid

  24. snoko2 Says:

    I understood the lyrics the first time, but I knew the song title when I
    heard it so that’s kind of cheating XD

  25. Zoozy G Says:

    People are sooo dumb