Harry Styles Finally Reacts To Taylor Swift Songs About Him

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25 Responses to “Harry Styles Finally Reacts To Taylor Swift Songs About Him”

  1. Hollywood Life Says:

    Hey all: we’re getting a lot of hate here, but Taylor Swift admitted on
    record to the UK Sunday Times Magazine that Harry Styles inspired I knew
    You Were Trouble – and definitely inspired her performing it right in front
    of him at the Brit Awards. We appreciate all the comments but when Taylor
    herself says that Harry inspired that song, at least in part, then
    we have to report it too.

  2. Hollywood Life Says:

    Yeah for real, Tay Tay being cray cray! We. Love It.

  3. Maggie G. Says:

    First of all: blank space is about the media, NOT HARRY!!!

  4. Premanator2000 Says:

    This is why I hate channels like this, they always assume stuff about
    Taylor and the people in her songs. IKYWT is 100% not about Harry, they met
    and dated well after the song was written :/

  5. Jane Smith Says:

    Are you guys this fucking stupid? She’s taking on the persona the media has
    portrayed her as. It’s not real. In fact, she’s critiquing the media for
    conveying her in that light. God.

  6. grace fully Says:
  7. Drucilda mclaren Says:

    Which guy Taylor swift hasn’t been with already?

  8. eky weky Says:

    in the medias eyes and she’s wringing a song in the perspective of being
    the crazy obsessive clingy girlfriend that everyone thinks she is and how
    the song would turn out. Not about Harry. It’s so damn annoying that people
    think everything she writes is about Harry. Screw Harry.

  9. Suzuki Sannomiya Says:

    I personally think that’s not the real Taylor Swift. I think anyone with a
    brain would notice that she is acting like this because of management.
    Management is making her date guys and forcing her to write songs about her
    exes. Management made her this way, it’s what is happening to all the
    celebrities now.

    Examples: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, the answers
    are limitless. We will never know the real them because they always go with
    what management tells them.

    If you disagree with me, I don’t care. I have my opinions, you have yours.

    (And if you’re gonna hate on me, I don’t care either. You’re just wasting
    your time.)

  10. Erin Brownlow Says:

    I can’t stand the majority of these comments. Everyone is over reacting to
    a mistake the media made. Okay. I get it. IKYWT wasn’t about Harry.. Can we
    move on..? Seriously people, listen to your selves. You are being so mean
    to these people JUST because they made a mistake. You try to get all
    “juice,” in less then a day.. You guys need to accept the fact they made a
    mistake (THAT THEY ARE AWARE OF) and move on.. 

  11. Claire West Says:

    You guys must be trippin, they were still together when “Trouble” was
    released, so why would she blame the song off of him. They dated for about
    4-5 months and the break up was calm. Anyways she would never try to
    emotionally hurt anyone with her songs, she would also never post them for
    the whole world to see just to get someone back for what they did. I can’t
    stand it when social media buzzes about all of these lies, and that is why
    I am not subscribed, you lie entirely too much! You probably get all of
    your information off of Wikipedia so that false rumors go around and you
    get more viewers and publicity from jokes and lies. This is why there are
    so many threats and intentionally rude rumors going around about Taylor
    Swift, because of you! You may ask me, why are you wasting your time
    watching the video and typing this comment? Here’s the answer: the world
    needs to know the truth, and what you have to say in all of your videos is
    the complete opposite. So go somewhere else besides Wikipedia and get your
    facts straight before you make the society today even more dramatic than it
    already is. You said, if we see it than we report it, the news can report
    it. You aren’t professional you are just a youtuber. You are the same as
    everyone else, except for one thing: you are overally dramatic and a
    complete liar. Thank you, ad don’t try to reply (ANYONE) about my comment,
    because saying your rude doesn’t hurt or affect me, I’m just stating the
    obvious facts and the TRUTH. If you do, I have one thing to say: the truth
    can sometimes hurt, and even though it hurts, people need to know.

  12. Gabby T. Says:

    I wasn’t leaked. She had the app promoted the next day. She wanted it to be

  13. gisele orig Says:

    Harry please cut your hair! I mean, other people can only make fun of Harry
    for his some what “shaggy long shitty hair” I mean that’s kinda mean, if he
    cuts it, no one would make fun of him anymore

  14. Daphne Cantu Says:

    I dont really like the fact that taylor Wrights every song about her ex
    boyfriends i used to love taylor but then she started to do all these
    insane things that really didnt make sense. And yes i am hating on her
    because im a directioner but still i mean move on taylor u guys broke up
    you dont think it would make sense that if she had a horrible break up she
    would try to not date for a while yet she still does i think she dates guys
    just to get songs from them and then act like shes the one that got hurt
    the most. Again this is just my opinion.

  15. Tanya Fletcher Says:

    i love it i cant stop waching taylor swift blank space

  16. Rose Still Says:

    Harry styles ‘they good song’ srsly

  17. Elizabeth Gatell Says:

    I knew you were trouble isn’t about Harry because it was on the album red
    which was released before they even dated. Please get your facts straight.

  18. Geoff P Says:

    Tay’s being slightly self-mocking in this video. Isn’t it obvious? Oh well,
    at least she’s keeping all you lot in a job.

  19. Cerin Owens Says:


  20. CrafterGrasserp Says:

    i hate evryone who watches this and says this is good,who likes torture?
    Who likes TSwoft going psycho mode and stalking harry…Who does? FUCK ALL

  21. Sarah Leng Says:

    omg get over her harry!! u dont desearve her!! O3O

  22. CrystalLady0 Says:

    As long as Taylor knows the truth,and as long as we,real fans,know the REAL
    facts, I’m okay with all this bulshitt,well,not okay entirely,but It makes
    me feel calmer when i know that fans don’ believe the shit that hollywood
    life and other things that call themselves media reporters say about taylor
    and other artists. Taylor,just like harry and every ther fucking
    artist,write about love,which is 95%of music, and taylor does it good,just
    like harry said,and why can’t she write,when everyone else does?
    Im just happy that fans are hating on this video with all wrong info,makes
    me realize real fans are ..well,real fans,thank you 🙂 for being a good
    fandom and good swifties

  23. Leanna Says:

    Perhaps they should get back together

  24. Snowdude Says:

    This is so fucking gay what i’m doing here.

  25. Sarah Gamal Says:

    Lol! Some people say that Our Song *2006 song* is for Harry Styles! Some
    people say 1989 is for Harry Styles… WHY WOULD TAYLOR MAKE A FULL ALBUM
    FOR HER EX? That just proves… these rumors are wrong!