Breathe Lyrics by Taylor Swift

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25 Responses to “Breathe Lyrics by Taylor Swift”

  1. JBPfriends Says:

    @reymundbugas thanx specially you that comment gave me an extra boost of confidence but everyone I appreciate it with all my heart <3

  2. kaykay3282 Says:

    @shellybubbles922 ­čÖü Thanks <3

  3. bribri9910 Says:

    So my ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 and a half months ago,and it was the hardest thing in my life.I hated it,& I still love him to this day.Then saturday, his girlfriend messages me on facebook saying hey i just broke up with him he still likes you do you wanna go out with him”so I of course said yes.But I heard nothing from him at all,and today at school he avoided me completely.Then I got home,went to his page,and saw where it said “add friend”And his status said he hates all of his exes

  4. shellybubbles922 Says:

    @kaykay3282 I know exactly how you feel.):

  5. maddigan13 Says:

    If you love Taylor’s “Breathe” you might like my song “One Last Time” a song I wrote and recorded after a break-up. Have´╗┐ a listen to it on Youtube or download it on iTunes under´╗┐ Alanna´╗┐ Wilson.´╗┐ Likes/comments greatly appreciated. And to all the broken hearts out there, keep smiling, things can only get better <3

  6. reymundbugas Says:

    @JBPfriends you only need 20 but now you more than that number that means all of us support you……….^_^

  7. KirstinBitch Says:

    Me and my boyfriend broke up a month ago, i can’t move on, but he’s moved on.. & every country song i listen to reminds me of him. I just wish he’d take 5 minutes out of his day to listen to what i have to say.

  8. swiftyfan68 Says:

    @Abi0AiL im sorry thats all i can really say to you, ive been there as well but just try and breathe

  9. killer997s Says:

    this song it so peacefull makes me sad when i think of her i loved so much but she did not love me as much sucks to lose some one you love to all the broken hearted you will find some one that does care and love for you

  10. SceneDancer1 Says:

    …. i wonder if he knows how much i miss him,

  11. kaykay3282 Says:

    My best friend & I didn’t get in a was her mom & I. So I will never see my best friend of 2 years ever again….. < / 3

  12. MaddieSide Says:

    Taylor Swift’s songs Make me feel that i’m not alone :’3

  13. Abi0AiL Says:

    I lost my best friend. He was the world to me and now he’s gone. He doesn’t want things to go back to normal and it sucks. I don’t know what to do without him… he was my shrink, idiot brother, and i loved him… but i realize it’s time to let go..

  14. cyrusmarianne Says:

    Thumps up if you listen to this song in 2011! Love you, Taylor <3

  15. musicfan852 Says:

    ing Distance is killinqq me y Cookee

  16. ItsLilRaeBaby Says:

    Oh how I can relate to this song.

  17. TeenAgeGurl13 Says:

    This song reminds me of my step brothers and our sister brother relationship i luv ’em.

  18. goodmusic65 Says:

    ok listen to this, im a dude right so i liked this girl and she liked me and her best friend asked me about it and i said i liked her so of course she told her. the friend told me that if i asked her out she would of said yes but we didnt know each other so she wanted to chill. i hung out with her and whenever i went near the girl the friend would be like no dont do it nowso eventually the girl got tired of waiting and started liking someone else thums up if this is bullshit and i deserve chance

  19. Sweetlullaby233 Says:

    @TheAshleyJolene best wishes <3 hope everything turns out good and love is worth the wait

  20. TheAshleyJolene Says:

    my bf is in the Army he deployed monday… he’s worried having a relationship deployed because of all the things that can go wrong so we took a step back, i have to respect him, we hadn’t been together long but it was the most love i had ever felt in my whole life so all i can do is wait 398 days and prove my love, faithfulness and devotion to him and wait for him to come home. i feel trapped in a love story, hopefully not one with a tragic ending. this song is the only thing getting me through.

  21. riri2201988 Says:

    best breakup song ever

  22. dancer3271 Says:

    The girl you just called fat?…She is overdosing on´╗┐ diet pills.´╗┐ The´╗┐ girl you just called ugly?…She spends hours´╗┐ putting makeup on hoping people will like her.´╗┐ The boy you just tripped?.. He´╗┐ is abused enough at home. See that man´╗┐ with the ugly scars?…´╗┐He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun´╗┐ of for crying?..His mother is dying. Put´╗┐ this on one other video if you’re against´╗┐ bullying.´╗┐ I bet 95%´╗┐ of´╗┐´╗┐ you wont re-post,´╗┐ I did

  23. llea325 Says:

    @DreamWithoutFear143 four words… DUMP HIS SORRY ASS!

  24. MsSkittlessss Says:

    “and we know its never simple never easy never a clean break no one here to save me but ur the only thing i know like the back of my hand and i cant breathe with out u but i have to” exactly how i feel rite when i get so used to being around this one person he moves and its like things were so perfect with him and now hes gone…… 30 likes and ill tell him how i feel

  25. duhdrenda Says:

    I just broke up with my first boyfriend. I really didn’t want to, but I had to because of certain circumstances. Thank you, Taylor Swift, for your words that perfectly describe my situation