BoB – Both of Us ft. Taylor Swift [Behind The Video] – VIDEO ON MTV/VH1 NOW!

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “BoB – Both of Us ft. Taylor Swift [Behind The Video] – VIDEO ON MTV/VH1 NOW!”

  1. hopawaylittlebunny Says:

    “They’re jumping ad sometimes they scratch me a lot.”

  2. TheEXOaudio Says:

    3:08 Taylor: Get it! Get it!
    Me: *watching* ohh I want to get it! Taylor had laid her hands on it!

  3. TheEXOaudio Says:

    0:16 Taylor is sooo cute

  4. JonJayEmMusic Says:

    Hey guys! my friend and I recently made a cover of “Both Of Us” and it can be found on my channel. If you have a minute, kindly please check it out! Your views and comments are appreciated, thank u! 🙂

  5. Emy99Bieber Says:

    Taylor with the dogs sdjahsjdlasd <3 I love It :33

  6. HumanLikeButton Says:

    little hair sticks out, so they make it flat. Thats what the point of a brush is -.-

  7. craiggle091 Says:

    Like both artists and together they’re amazing

  8. domokimichi01 Says:

    just asking. what is the song all about? 🙂

  9. jv31077 Says:

    B.o.B, you don’t know how much I respect you. You rap about all the right things and are my favorite rapper hands down. I listen to your music all the time and love your style. Keep doin what you do, you make a huge difference in the world and you should continue it.

  10. Mikster7500 Says:

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  11. ForeverPretendingg Says:

    I like how that dude was brushing bobs hair lol

  12. carmelitas Says:

    there were bugs everywhere, there were bugs crawling into people, there were bugs trying to kill people lol taylor is so cute!

  13. iloveya153 Says:

    There is 32 haters and all 3,025 (Likers) will get em’!

  14. iloveya153 Says:


  15. JustNajian Says:

    country mix with rap (y)

  16. BamItzStellaStar Says:

    B.O.B. Will always be Bob for me!

  17. wadnold123 Says:

    lol everytime i see “B.O.B” i feel like people are saying Bob

  18. l3lossom Says:

    Taylor: It was just hanging out there. Ready to kill him. Yeah, and I saved his life.
    lolol. I love how Taylor explains everything. Shes hilarious.

  19. TheSwiftKangaroo Says:

    I was the 3000th person who liked this video. And exactly 30 people dislike it. :O

  20. Maylinn Graathen Says:

    love it! <3

  21. El Nino Says:


  22. Aria Sen Says:

    veHIcles lol

  23. mrkrabz1991 Says:

    1:54 what the fuck is that guy combing? There is nothing there!

  24. bridget Mihalko Says:

    i like how taylor calls b.o.b bob lol

  25. mishenny02 Says:

    I’m going to go home and sleep with both my pillows – 4.46!