Baby- Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift 8/23/11

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25 Responses to “Baby- Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift 8/23/11”

  1. MrRajislam25 Says:

    Maybe one day I can sing with you and I’ve write a song for us

  2. MrRajislam25 Says:

    I love u so much taylor!

  3. cowsworld32 Says:

    Can’t Say He Sounds Like A Girl Anymore!:/

  4. magicalLilura Says:

    Honestly, Taylor’s voice is soft. i can’t barely identify her voice from the background voices on the song.

  5. W332010 Says:

    taylor looks so sexy 😛

  6. melinda6307 Says:

    I don’t care about Justin Bieber the international heartthrob/super star, I care about Justin Drew Bieber from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. His fame doesn’t even come to mind when I talk about him or hear about him. after having a short but memorable chat with Justin on the phone, I’ve learned to love him more. He was so gentle and funny. So guys, get your chance too. I posted Justins phone number in my channel.

  7. biradarkiran14 Says:

    i never saw asshole & dumbass singer as justin bieber..

  8. PrettyGirlonline09 Says:

    Congradulation! Justin, You’ve got success within early age. How have you attemptedto get achievement in young age? Thanks

  9. loveableSammie12 Says:

    i want justin to stay 17 i dont want to get older hes perfect 17 😉

  10. 13girlygurl Says:

    I love Justin Bieber an for the haters out there like you dont have to love him or like him but really he never DID ANYTHING TO U nd you are calling him gay and everything which isnt true! And really you dont have to be like tht and try to image you as him and everyobe callin you what ppl r callin him on this vid like really all he’s doing is following a dream! and its not its like a crime or anything so please like really STOP!!!

  11. bennbenx Says:

    hey nice brother n sistor dance

  12. bennbenx Says:

    noob its such a jerk…………… Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr J.b is a noob gay…………. gich gich……………………………………………… asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fucker suck ur pussy urself

  13. melinda6307 Says:

    Justin Bieber is an inspiration to me and to all of those who he has helped and been an influence on!! Everyone says that hes gay out of jealousy for wanting to be like him! i will NEVER hate him the way that all these ppl on the world do!! TO ALL Beliebers; I got a chance to talk with Justin through his mclub. It was so amazing, so if you wants Jbiebs phone number its in my channel.

  14. GoldenEyeJack Says:

    Why are the goofball’s pants dang near around his ankles? Is he trying to advertise that he is available for all the prison dudes waiting to drill him?

  15. JBLuver1987 Says:

    Under The Mistletoe, Justin’s latest album has been leaked! Featuring Mariah Carey, Usher, Boyz II Men, and more!
    Get Under The Mistletoe, for free, now!
    Just copy the address into your browser and replace “DOT” with a period!

  16. choidongri Says:

    TS is so sexy

  17. unknown59124 Says:


  18. daaiJB14 Says:

    Hello how are you? very nice your video! 🙂 And I helped with a step like me! ;). I need you to please help me and I return the “LIKE ME” on my video, I am in a contest and I need to gather votes, counting on you! : D greetings!

  19. Tuesday702 Says:

    bieber should have no girl haters because hes going out with someone..if you were a TRUE BELIEBER then you would be happy for him that he has found Love :)<3

  20. TheBoobidieboo Says:

    i wish i was there –”

  21. Karmakes Says:

    Justin bieber wishes he’s black

  22. yankeeloverr Says:

    should’ve said no with joe jonas was better 😉

  23. shelley4526 Says:

    Aren’t u tired of haterz posting shit about JB? Their taking over on our turf and it’s time for us to take back whats ours! Look at the dislikes compared to the likes, there are almost twice as many haterz! !!!Why hate him so much, I have talk to him on the phone and hes a really nice person. He truly loves is fans more than any artist. It was such a great day to me. so guys, Im gonna put Justins phone number in my channel. Try it. only serious fans will get it.

  24. ABd0laZIz Says:

    Taylor sexy,cute,hot

  25. ZEEZOOM1 Says:

    Taylor Swift don’t make me hate you too @_@