A Taylor Swift New Years – Happy New Year 2012

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17 Responses to “A Taylor Swift New Years – Happy New Year 2012”

  1. MrArvidi1 Says:

    she have blue eyes and i have blue eyes

  2. MrArvidi1 Says:

    i’m a super fan of her i love her and i will 4ever listen her songs

  3. sapcny Says:

    i love all her song…
    <3 <3 <3

  4. tas991000 Says:

    @FAB12UCB yeah, her music makes all of us could not resist or me, somehow, it’s amazing

  5. Bernhardist Says:

    Wish all the same, for all people, wich loving Taylor, Selena & Co.
    Bernhard from Germany

  6. AmorChococat Says:

    Obviously theres no dislikes because she is amazing……… <3

  7. joeXxXJEMIXxXdemi Says:


  8. vijaysanthi111 Says:

    Merry Christmas And Happy new Year

  9. MrArvidi1 Says:

    my hart go’s wild

  10. MrArvidi1 Says:

    she’s 22 and im almost 15 next year mey 20 and i love her come on taylor and a happy new year taylor and good 2012

  11. TheSwiftGirl Says:

    Go Taylor 🙂 … best singer ever… Go have your Best new year ever ^^

  12. xXmusicisme16xX Says:

    Thx I love that chick

  13. FAB12UCB Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t like Taylor Swift is deluded and that’s FACT.

  14. taylorandselenafan13 Says:

    THIRD COMMENT!!! THX for the videooooooooo

  15. MrBenlamlih Says:

    happy new year

  16. 1nspirator Says:

    Merry Christmas, and the best wishes for next year!

  17. mayknmusic Says:

    Yay….first comment!!  I LOVE this…thank you for posting it!