2011 AMA Artist of the Year – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “2011 AMA Artist of the Year – Taylor Swift”

  1. heyitsdanna Says:

    We love you too Taylor!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT GIRL!!!!! We always got your back 🙂

  2. paulwilson3zero Says:

    I don’t hate Taylor, but honestly Adele should have won the award.

  3. joy2theworld21 Says:

    we love u too taylor…soo much!

  4. joy2theworld21 Says:

    they make the mic. so short

  5. MatyMiccia Says:


  6. kathyli1310 Says:

    @hviettan The way you type makes me think that YOU are probably a teenage girl yourself. Regardless, I can’t really tell if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I can tell you one thing. Taylor is not likely to be faking that reaction. The AMA awards are very pop-oriented, so the fact that a country artist (albeit somewhat pop) won surprised a lot of people, including Taylor herself.

  7. kathyli1310 Says:

    When she looks shocked, people call her fake. When she just smiles faintly and nods and goes up on stage to thank just her fans, people call her ungrateful. Can poor Taylor NEVER win (figuratively speaking)?

  8. kathyli1310 Says:

    @1adityabhosale1 agree about what?

  9. hviettan Says:

    OMG, she’s just so brilliant, she was so shocked and spoke so fluently. It made me totally feel like watching a really bad actress with that fake face…!!! If you say no to what i said, i believe you are teenage girls!!!

  10. 1adityabhosale1 Says:

    @kathyli1310 I agree with you . finally found someone like me

  11. 1adityabhosale1 Says:

    cmt – video of the year acm & cma – EOTY , billboard – women of the year and now ama – artist of the year

  12. singingislife6 Says:

    To everyone saying that she knew she was going to win, she DIDN’T! No one expects to win anything! If they do, they are self centered and don’t deserve to win anything. I love Taylor Swift and all of her fans know that she deserves to win, but Taylor is realistic and knows who she is up against. When you say that kind of stuff, you are basically saying that Taylor is self centered, which she isn’t.

  13. xXSPNJellyBeanFanXx Says:

    @variel2 I like the way that was said….MUCH better than telling me to “SHUT IT!!!!” or that I’m a “hater” cause I was just posting a comment on how I felt about this. I think I’ll take your reply into consideration 🙂

  14. westportproductions Says:

    on top of the charts, shes sold millions of albums, wirtes her songs solo, produces, composes, and plays 6 instruments. every show on her 90 date tour sold out within a day, some in less than a minute. that deserves this award and so much more! tswift FTW

  15. xXSPNJellyBeanFanXx Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe MY comment is actually getting to you people. Your just too blind to see it, and I get it you love her so much your willing to defend her, just like you should get through those skulls of yours that not EVERYONE is in LOOOVE with your “precious” Taylor Swift. So get over it. Whining about it won’t get you anywhere.

  16. kathyli1310 Says:

    Adele didn’t deserve to be nominated, or even to be as popular as she is. She drinks and smokes. she doesn’t take good care of herself, and that is why she keeps canceling concert after concert and why she had to undergo throat surgery. Other soul singers like Aretha Franklin NEVER had to get surgery…because they were actually responsible and knew how to take good care of their bodies.

  17. kathyli1310 Says:

    @xXSPNJellyBeanFanXx Against Lady Gaga and Adele? They DOMINATE the pop radio stations, so yeah, Taylor is surprised that she won. I’m a little surprised too, though obviously I wanted her to win

  18. 0GallifreyGirl0 Says:

    @xXSPNJellyBeanFanXx OH PLEASE just shut the hell up will you? Everyone’s lives would be a lot more easier if you just kept your trap SHUT!!!

  19. 0GallifreyGirl0 Says:

    Taylor is hilarious when she’s flustered and shocked! 😀 lolz I love her so much!

  20. helenaclare2203 Says:

    @68corvette08 I was being sarcastic! thats the whole point. she kept thanking us over and over:) it was so cute! even if she didn’t thank us i wouldn’t be a troll and comment.

  21. helenaclare2203 Says:

    @JS03121996 it was sarcastic! I’m not deaf. i thought it was so cute how she kept thanking them so i thought id make a joke. sorry!

  22. ddlostaystrong Says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG, hahahahahahahahahahahahaa, she’s so damn hilarious, i love her surprise face, it’s just amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, i love you i love you i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Forever&Always

  23. ChurchsofChrist Says:

    Sing,sing a song
    Sing out loud
    Sing out strong
    Sing of good things not bad
    Sing of happy not sad
    ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻

  24. jcasa12 Says:

    helenaclare2203 > Why didn’t she thank her fans?! LOL, She did, so many times, hahaha, I thumbs up your comment. XD

  25. variel2 Says:

    Shut up all the haters!! You’re not any better than her! Before you go around judging people, why don’t you look into the mirror first. She’s clean, she does charity, she helps people, she’s a good role model. She’s able to sell millions of albums and sell out every show on her tour without taking off her clothes. What have you done? Besides sitting behind a computer and making hateful comments.